Great news for cricket fans around the globe

February 26, 2016

It has become really hard for the fans of cricket to make hours of free time in their schedule in order to watch a one day match with two innings of 50 over. Most of the people these days have very busy schedules and no one can miss an important meeting to watch a match of their favorite teams. This problem has been solved to a great extent after the introduction of T20 matches. When the match has two innings of only 20 over each, things are much faster. Not only the match completes in less time but it is also much more thrilling. The frequency of boundaries and wickets is very high. But this is not the good news we were talking about. The actual good news is that the ICC T20 World Cup is going to be organized this year. Just like before, it will be exciting and entertaining.

The concept of T20 matches is relatively new. It started only a few years ago. But it has become extremely popular in a very short time. All the series of matches being organizes these days definitely have a T20 match. And the biggest series of these matches this year is the World Cup T20 2016. All the countries from around the world will participate in this tournament. You will get the chance to cheer for your favorite team. The tournament is being organized in India this time. You will be quite thrilled to know that the sale of tickets of already begun. So find the icc T20 World Cup 2016 schedule and get the tickets for the most exciting matches right now. If you waste too much time, you might not get the best seats. Or you might not get the tickets at all.

Not everyone gets the chance to watch the matches live in stadium. You obviously cannot leave your job or business for so many days. The next best thing is to watch the 20 20 cricket world cup live. There are several TV channels that will broadcast it live. Also there are hundreds of websites that will stream it. You can go for the option that suits you. But if you cannot even make time to watch the match, then you will have to rely on live scores. You can get that info from a website or a mobile app. There are many options for both.